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Connection issues . Need some advice


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I run Kali Linux on my laptop and I'm pretty new to all this, trying to learn. I am having some issues connecting my WiFi PineApple Nano to the internet. I have gone through the the guided connect 20 plus times trying different things and I've tried to tinker with the manual setup as well. I read some other threads as well with what sounds like similar issues and I think it has something to do with a default gateway issue. I have searched and searched for some tips on fixing this and havnt seen anything helpful. I'm asking for a nudge in the right direction on how to fix this and if I figure this out I'll post a walkthrough on youtube on how to fix this . I've given up for tonight and will try again tomorrow :) anyone know how to fix this ? And if I could get some tips I'd be more than grateful . My gate way is and I'm pretty sure this is not good 

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I have figured it out.. at least for me. I run Kali Linux so what I had to do was navigate to the network options and route it.  It was a pain in the butt to figure out. I will explain it in detail. 


When you connect your wifi pineapple to your computer, it will pop on on your system as a "USB Ethernet Connection". i navigated to the wired connection settings and clicked the settings dial next to it (should be a little gear) once you are there you click on the "IPv4" tab and where it says "Routes" there will be a blank box. With little labels on top of it (address, netmask, gateway, Metric) you can find this all by using the "ifconfig" command in the terminal. I then filled in the blanks on the route, and for the gateway you put the IP of the wifi pineapple into it which is I left the metric spot blank and you click apply then went to my terminal. Started up ./wp6.sh connected it as usual and I was connected ! 

Let me know of this worked for you guys and let me know if there is anything I need to explain more clearly 🙂


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