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Twinduck popup windows


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Aaaaaaaa,so i was writing a Rubber ducky script involving twin duck firmware :C.
And the problem is very simple,basically when you insert the rubber ducky and it start injecting keystrokes,maybe in cmd, windows gets to recognize it as a mass storage after 5 so seconds and it automatically opens a popup window of the rubber ducky's sd card

and what happens is that you got automatically knocked out of the teminal or wherever you were typing in because now the activity switched to the popup.

Now: sure you can do some Atl+Tab thing returning back to terminal,but those 5 seconds are variable depending on the computer you are using.
soooooo i was wondering if there's some way you can set it to not showing anything ,i rly dunno :c

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found a possible solution:

disabling autorun with powershell:

$path ='HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer'
Set-ItemProperty $path -Name NoDriveTypeAutorun -Type DWord -Value 0xFF

Problem is:that you need to start powershell as admin to access registers.

Have you have an idea of disabling atuorun/autoplay without admin?

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