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LED faint glow


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I do hope someone can help me out or clarify what the issue might seem to be.
Out of the box the SignalOwl LED seems to perform nothing more than a faint glow.
When first connected it was, besides the faint LED glow (blinking rapidly), performing as expected in terms of LED status indications.
When upgrading the firmware, the LED became a faint steady glow.

In preperation, I've watched Darren's instructional video and I when first using the SignalOwl have followed the instructions here:

The SignalOwl is (properly) hooked up to my laptop for power, has the USB drive (FAT32 formatted) connected and contains the 'upgrade-1.01.bin' file.

Current upgrade time is plus 25 minutes. Is my SignalOwl D.O.A.?

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