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C2 connection lost after a few mins


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Hi guys,


I have a screen crab and a hak5 c2 server running on my kali vm, and I successfully configured the screen crab config file so that it connects to my c2 server. The problem is that it does capture the images and streaming them to my c2 ok then somehow it disconnects after a few mins of the successful connection.


I don't think this is a sd card speed issue cuz i'm using  Samsung Evo plus 32GB. Can anyone help please??

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Can't be Hak5 official, so just rumors then. The only thing that has been said in official channels is that it's possible to stream live video, but that needs tweaking beyond what's supported and doesn't include Cloud C2. Of course, nothing is impossible in the future, but I would like to see the official source that something is actually planned to believe that fact.

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