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HTTPS spoofing and ettercap


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Hello !

If i make a HTTPS poisoning attack with ettercap on our network i always get a timeout error.

Although i changed the etter.conf file (uncommend the prerouting lines and changed uid and pid to 0) i get that timeout error when i want to connect on a HTTPS site on the poisoned machine.

Other attacks all work well. I also checked if there are other iptables rules active.

My network are two PC's and a laptop with SUSE 10. They are connected to a linksys router and from there i go into my cable modem.

So my qustion now. Can be that my problem that i do not have a switch but a router with an integrated 4 port switch ?? I mean does https poisoning only work in "SWITCHED" networks (although my router IS a switch too)

I also tried sniffing for HTTPS connection with dsniff tools like arpspoof, webmim, fragrouter and dnsspoof, but this also does not work.

I have found in different forums that a lot of people have that problem, but no solution has been mentioned.



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