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Wireless Mouse Control


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Ok, so my friend comes over my house pretty much everyday to basicly use my internet (im being used) but thats ok because I want to pull a prank on him.

Basicly he will come over my house with his laptop, connect to my router, and get his frag on with some cs 1.6. I noticed that he uses a wireless mouse, so i was wondering if I could someway control my friends mouse, with my mouse, on my computer, by tapping into it someway.

If this is illegal, then nvm, i apologize. but i figure, it would be fun, to turn his mouse just when hes gonna get a headshot, he would lose it.

So can anyone help me with this, and how should i go about doing it.

Thanks in advance - Ryan

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This is not illegal (the only instance I can think of this been illegal is if you listen to wireless keyboard traffic and you pick up personal data, but if you are using a wireless keyboard, you are basically asking to get owned).

Any way, the easiest option is to buy the same wireless mouse as the one he uses. It's often the case that when you go in to computer shops you will find that one mouse controls several computers that use the same model mouse.

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