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Blackbox building


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Hey everybody, New to this forum and wanted your advice on some things. I was thinking of building a blackbox/penetration testing dropbox inside this old Netgear NAS. I was thinking that in an office environment and a crowded networking closet this thing would hopefully go unnoticed and that i probably could fit a great deal of equipment in it . It has a holes for ethernet and power facing outward. I have a bit of hardware i was thinking of using  it includes a raspberry pi 3, a Tp-link mr3020 router,a high speed usb ssd for storage,a small usb powered networking switch and a usb hub for powering. I have built some tools before but i have always used guides for them, So I was wondering you could recommend what type of software to use and how to fit it all together (both from a physical and networking standpoint). If you have suggestions for other hardware and such I also appreciate that. (Sorry for my English)

It looks like this btw 41TF33RNE2L.jpg






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