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Brand new BB, ran updater, bricked?


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I received my new Bash Bunny a couple days ago.  Plugged it into PC (Win10) and it seemed to be fine.  First thing I did was download the updater.  Copied it to the root of bb and ran it, then safely ejected.  Plugged it back in and it did the police lights for a couple minutes, then off, then green for a couple seconds, then nothing.  I left it for about 30mins, with nothing changing.

I've followed the firmware reset instructions multiple times on multiple ports on multiple machines.  Always ends up the same, it goes through 2mins of the police lights, then off, then green for 2 seconds, then stays off.

This is really frustrating.  Have I done something wrong?  It was literally a brand new bunny and all i did was download and run the updater.

If i plug it in with it set to either payload, I get the green light for a couple, then off, then it flickers blue for just an instant.

FYI - If I run wireshark with USB capturing on that port, no traffic shows up no matter which mode the switch is in.

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