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Wireless arp security


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not sure if this is where i should post this but just wondering am i doing something wrong.

I am on my wireless network and when i run SmartSniff.exe its like ethereal but when i run this i get all packets from all the computers on my wireless is this correct? Just been watching hack5-ep3.5 and they said you have to do the arp attack but this does not seam that i have to do this i get everyones packets.

But on wired network i have to do the arp attack

Thanks does this make sense?

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If the card is set to promiscuous mode all packets received (whether or not it's for that computer) will 'make it to the operating system'. Basically, assume that a wireless network is HUB'ed together rather then switched. (HUB'ed = no ARP poisoning required, Switched = ARP poisoning required)

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