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REQUIREMENTS for the SD card?


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i flashed to Twinduck and swapped the default 128mb sd card for a spare 32GB i had. I can not get anything to run now. depending the firmware i get flashing red and green led, solid green or flashing green or no lights. i see the mass storage but nothing runs.

does the SD card need to have many partitions or a single one. I have tried fat, fat32 and exfax all from a windows 10 box. and no luck. also tried 2 partitions and 1 small 1 large or 2 small (less than 4 GB for storage of collected data and 128mb for the payload)


What firmware works for you in what SD configuration?

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Hello all, can't find the web link where I have read about SD cards for Rubber Ducky, so I may be wrong, but I believe that recommended size for SD card with payload was 2GB Max, due to time/speed for uploading and executing the payloads. But as someone in forum already mentioned, keep it small for fast performance, I have been using 128MB (original one).


Hope this will help.


Kind Regards


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