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Armitage escalation issues


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I'm able to get into my windows 10 laptop using Social Engineering, but I can't seem to upload my payload into my startup file in Armitage.  It says I don't have privileges.  I'm trying to add persistance so when I turn off my laptop and turn it back on, I 'm able to automatically connect via Armitage. I have Kali linux 2018 Rolling.  I can't use "getsystem" because it gives my errors.

I also tried using shell which I'm also able to successfully get in, but when I try using "shell to meterpreter"  it says this:

*] Post module running as background job 7.
[*] Upgrading session ID: 1
[*] Starting exploit/multi/handler
[*] Started reverse TCP handler on
[*] Stopping exploit/multi/handler

I'm trying to escalate my privileges so I can get into the startup folder to install a payload so that when I shutdown and power on my other laptop that has windows 10 running on it, I can automatically connect to it via Armitage/metasploit.


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