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Hi. Help me to understand. I added the network I needed to the pool. I throw users out of the access point which is added to the pool. But they connects back to its network and not to my access point. What can I do wrong or does it not work as I think?

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Found the answer, new devices not subject to this type of attack. If I misunderstand correct.

What devices does Karma work against?

Karma works by intercepting probe requests from potential wireless clients. Unfortunately, in recent years many software developers have patched wireless drivers in their Operating Systems to not actively broadcast probe requests whilst connected to an Access Point. This is most prevalent among mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Google, whose flagship software products are iOS and Android. NT-Based operating systems such as Windows are mostly unaffected due to their inability to modify wireless drivers through the "Windows Update" feature. As a general rule, almost every device running an embedded or mobile OS developed after 2012 will not work with Karma.
Currently the main use of Karma is an opportunistic attack vector rather than a specific one. Meaning that it is better to run karma to investigate susceptible devices and proceed from there, as opposed to targeting a specific device or user.

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