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Hak5 planning on updating the hardware ID?


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Currenty my BB payloads do not  work with Win10 1809 build. I believe its because Microsoft removed a important driver the BB was using.
Does anyone know if  HAK5 will update the Hardware ID to the new drive?

I tried most payloads but they do not seem to run. So a as a test i created a small payload for windows but the only thing it did was change the leds and it did not pop-up a notepad for me.




RUN WIN notepad.exe


i believe it is because of the new windows build that the payloads do not work, if anyone could verify this for me i would be thankfull

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Hi - I have a Windows 10 Version 1809 laptop (build 17763.195), and the BB runs fine, including your script above.  I don't remember installing any special drivers for the BB.  Some of the scripts fail for other reasons (e.g. my antivirus triggers and deletes files it doesn't like).

Can you see the BB popping up in Device Manager in the Keyboard and or Human Interface Devices sections when you run your script?  I get additional entries appearing in both as ATTACKMODE HID gets processed.

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Thank you for your reply. I already got it to work. I did not emulate a HID device, so it wasn't possible to inject keystrokes ( atleast that is what i think).
I do get the entries. But i'm not sure why it wasn't working the first time.

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