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Need help with setup...


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Theres a few problems i have....

I have a Memorex, U3 Traveldrive 512mb.

I have tryed to use the max damage instructions...

"For Memorex

* 1. Download the U3 Loader for Memorex to the desktop.

* 2. Launch "MemorexSB.exe" on your desktop.

* 3. After the extraction the installer will automatically come up.

* 4. Once installation is complete download any one of the payloads and extract to the root of your flash drive.

* 5. Go find out what your friends been going to on their computers! "

The memorexsb.exe pauses and does not detect anything until i insert the drive...obviously... but as soon as i do put it in it says one could not be detected...

I tryed the universal install "updatecore.exe" and that works fine...

2. I Extracted all the payload 1.1 to the root dir of the flash drive but when i remove the drive, and then replace it, it does nothing.... Nothing is copied over to the drive in G:/documents/logfiles

this is where im stuck. thanks for all the help in advance...

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