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effect of group policy on turtle success


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Hello community,i hope you are doing well.I have watched the tutorial on snagging creds from a locked computer .
I am relatively a newbie in this field and i really hope someone would help me get to know a few things before i purchase the LAN Turtle from Hak5.

1. Does the turtle get the hashes for both the guest and admin  accounts? The computer i am trying with is logged on guest, but i have no access to admin which has a password
   so assuming i insert the turtle while guest is logged on(not locked-lock function has been disabled through group policy) will it give the creds for admin too?
2. This target machine also has keyboard hot keys disabled through group policy, alt+ctrl+del,win+run,win,etc have been disabled,restart function, lock function are also disabled.
   Are there any hopes for the turtle snagging creds considering this type of security.
  NB: it has windows xp
      guest is logged on but i still dont have its password
      i am interested in its admin pass



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