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Elijah Anderson

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Hows it going guys


     I have a problem. I have a Actiontec T1200H modem that was provided to me through Telus(my home internet provider). I want to download the firmware to my desktop PC, but telus will not give me a link to the latest firmware. My Modem will attempt to collect updates, but I do not know where my modem is reaching out to. I figure I have two options, figure out where my modem is trying to download the firmware update and attempt to access with my desktop. OR I can try to rip apart my modem and figure out what hardware I will need to read the chips.


I came to this form because of two reasons, one.. someone might know what direction i need to be pointed in and two.... is their any hardware for me to use that will allow me to essentially allow me to MiTM the connection between my router and the ISP.

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