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Site Recon Survey


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I’m considering what I can do to increase the efficiency of new engagement recon by performing a more complete wireless survey within the initial engagement contact.

Has anyone considered automating the use of an Ubertooth, Yardstick, HackRF and 4G LTE Femto cell to survey a site, to work out if you need to consider Bluetooth, Wifi, commercial or Cell assessments? Or has this already been done?

Combining this with general IPV4/6 intenal/external assessments, IPv6 RA/IPv4 arp spoofing and app vuln scans, should give a reasonable start point, followed by standard policy, procedure, internal/external threat/exposure analysis.

Any ideas if anyone has automated this or am I back to combing a range of Git scripts?

I’ve also considered including a additional HackRf with a down converter to survey the use of sat phone and other SHF comms.

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