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Can connect to internet via pineapple but not host computer


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I've recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 and am having troubles connect to both my Pineapple and my laptop.  When I initially start up my computer I don't have access to the internet with my Pineapple.  My laptop, however, does.  I then run the wp6.sh script and do the guided configuration.  Afterwards, I choose [C] to connect.  My Pineapple connects and I'm able to read the bulletins and install modules.  This is where the issue occurs.  My laptop that I'm connected to loses connectivity to the internet.  I can't ping or access any site (using google.com for example).  However, my Pineapple still can load from the internet.  When I look at my wifi configuration, I see I"m still connected to the correct wifi connection, yet I'm also connected to ethernet.  Seems weird that I can connect to the internet via Pineapple, but not my laptop.

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