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RFB Protocol, RA2 Security Type


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Hey all,

I am trying to find out more about the RA2 Security type in the RFB Protocol (VNC). I have found information on RA4, as defined in the RFB 5.0 specification from RealVNC, but I am doing research into the RA2 security type, as defined in the RFB 4.0 (or 3.8) specification. However, in all the documents and official specifications I can't find deeper knowledge on the combinations of encryption in the RA2 security type. I am guessing the RA2 security type is a lighter version of the RA4, which is an RSA key pair with an elliptic curve diffie hellman key pair, but I can't find any further details on this. I either get documents that do say RA2 is supported by RFB 4.0, but no deeper knowledge on it, or I get Red Alert 2 pages ?

Anyone out here that might have some deeper understanding on this?

Thanks in advance ?

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