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USB kills my Internet


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I got one more newbie question. I noticed that when I plug my TETRA into my computer via USB, my computer (macOS) drops its own connection to the INternet. This makes it difficult to work because when I am hooked into the Pineapple, I can no longer browse the web for the duration.

I'm guessing somehow my box is trying to route Internet traffic thru the Pineapple... But I'm overall a bit confused. If there is some docuemntation on how this works, please link me so you don't have to re-explain, but is it possible for the Pineapple to have its own Internet connection to a wifi network whilst simultaneously broadcasting APs to hook users? Or do I need to have my box's radio itself connected to the net separately from the Pineapple altogether? Either way, if I connect via WiFi to the Pineapple, I can still browse the web but when I connect via USB, it kills my other connections and they immediately resume the second I unplug the USB.

Guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

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