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Mounting Windows share from LAN Turtle


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I am trying to configure the LAN Turtle to mount a share from the Windows PC it is plugged into.  The command I'm issuing is as follows:

mount -t cifs //hostname/share /mnt/share -o username=user

It appears that the cifs module for the mount command is designed to mount a file system over SSH, likely for the sshfs module.  To work around this, I've tried manually downloading the cifsmount package from the openwrt repositories and install it to /usr/sbin/mount.cifs, but there appear to be some dependencies that I am missing.  

Can someone please help point me in the right direction?

There may be a better way to go about what I'm trying to accomplish, so I'll add that here, too.  I'm trying to deploy files to the file system on the host that the Turtle is plugged into.  If someone has a better way of doing this, let me know.  

Thanks in advance,


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This must be something that is even a little further over my head.  I was able to track down the cifsmount package dependencies and install them, but I am getting the same results as I did previously, even though I'm using a different executable.  Can anyone shed some light on this?


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