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Issue with GPSD connection


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Hi everyone,

I'm attempting to use my Android as a GPS to do some wardriving.  I'm running into an issue and was wondering if anyone else has encountered this.  I'm running the Share GPS app on my Android phone over port 50000, which connects.  When I netcat to it, I am able to see a connection as well as GPS information over the port.  I can do the same when I run cgps, but only for a few seconds.  It then gives me a "cgps: GPS timeout" error.  I believe the same issue is happening with kismet as I am seeing the connection occur and then drop consistently on the terminal and on my phone.  However,  the netcat connection stays constant.

The initial GPSD command I am running is:

gpsd -F /var/run/gpsd.sock tcp://localhost:50000


Any advice?


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