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Hello all,

I had picked up a tutle recently and it was all working fine until I messed around with the network settings. I had changed it from statuc to DHCP.

Now, I can”t get back into it via ssh.  

I have followed the turtle recovery proceedure, but this is not working as expected.  The turtle is getting a 192.168.1.x address. But, when I attempt to browse  to the ip, I get connecton refused.  So I am getting no chace to recover and load on the default firmware. 

Can  anyone help?


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@MikeF can you tell me a bit more on how you are trying to connect? Are you trying to access it through the network (lan cable) or directly through the USB side when plugged into your computer?

Also, can you perhaps give a dump of your ip config when you have the turtle plugged in?

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