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New user, a few questions.

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I bought the tetra because of the good radios. I'm planning to use it as a wifi booster on my yacht.

I've run into a few issues and found some answers but not all.

Firstly when I started it up and used I in client mode with a wifi network that I normally cannot reach I ended up in a reboot loop. After a few firmware restores I realised that the supplied battery is not providing enough power and the tetra had a brownout when it connected (probably due to cranking up the juice on the radio). Once I connected it directly to my yacht's 12v supply the issue seems to have stopped.

Next I was using it inside and while I could see the network it wasn't stable. Note it's a wooden yacht so there's not that much interference compared to say a steel yacht. I noticed that wlan0 gets much better signal strength than wlan1.

Could someone confirm that the radios are identical?

Could I swap wlan0 and wlan1 without too much drama or would I have to basically rework the entire system under the covers?

Does anybody run the tetra off the supplied battery and get stable results?

I do have to say that I'm a little disappointed that the battery supplied is not up to the task, I certainly wouldn't have sprung for the tactical edition if I knew this before hand. The whole point for getting the battery is so that I could have a mobile setup. 

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I've been experimenting, if I use 2 USB cables from the battery and to both micro usb ports it seems to work.

What's the point of the USB y-cable if it doesn't work, or is my cable defective...

Will continue to experiment and report back

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