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the rubber ducky works great, is it my device?

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My android phone changed my four digit pin on me a few weeks ago, so I bought a rubber ducky and loaded it with an android hacking pin payload. Somehow, I screwed it up and it only did the even numbers between 0000 to 9999. After letting it run through the possible pins my phone wouldnt unlock. So I rewrote the script, made it a bin file (again) and made it odds.......which still didnt work. Anybody have any ideas what I am up against here? Could it be that the bug in my android phone changing the pin is changing it repeatedly during power up's and power downs in between me trying to crack the pin with the odds and even's? I had the delay set properly in it (this lockscreen doesn't have a lock out period after a certain number of attempts, so the delay is only 1000) Thanks for your help in advance.

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