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Trouble setup internet sharing linux - pineapple nano

Office worker

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Hi all!


Just got a new WiFi pineapple nano and got started with Ubuntu Linux, but I'm having some trouble ...

Any help will be greatly appreciated !


I've updated the pineapple with the new firmware, and logging into it via the browser seems to work OK, but it has no Internet access (bulletins, etc.)

I'm tethering my Linux laptop to my android phone for Internet access (wireless)


I've downloaded the wp6.sh script, made it executable, options give me:


(Guided setup)


Step 1 of 3 : Select Default Gateway

Default Gateway reported as 192.168.ab.c

Use the above reported default gateway? y


Step 2 of 3: Select Internet Interface

Internet Interface reported as wlp2s0

Use the above reported Internet interface? n

(Available Network Interfaces):


wlp2s0 192.168.ab.def/gh

Specify the Internet Interface by name:


Step 3 of 3: Select WiFi Pineapple interface

Please connect the WiFi Pineapple to this computer.


Detected WiFi Pineapple on interface enx[MAC]

Use the above detected WiFi Pineapple interface ? y



I try connecting using saved settings

It pings the pineapple with no response.

I've tried all combinations of the above en / wl to no avail.


Thanks for your help!

Office worker








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I've been struggling with a similar problem -- how to get connection sharing working with my Nethunter install. So far I've had no luck, and haven't been able to find much on the forums, but my best guess would be that the wp6.sh script just isn't designed for it. I'm not terribly conversant with customizing the iptables chains, but it seems pretty evident that the modifications the script was designed to make were never intended for these sorts of scenarios.

As a test, after you run the wp6.sh setup script and are trying to connect using those saved settings, try turning off the WiFi and mobile data on your phone. For me that makes it find/connect to the Pineapple immediately, but it also crashes the script in various messy ways -- iptables starts throwing errors and the interfaces in question can't be found, etc... I would guess you'll get something similar.

If you don't need to pipe the Nano right into your laptop then you can just run it off your phone using the Connector App, which so far I haven't had any trouble with (just follow the setup guide for Android devices).

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