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Not sure if this will work.....

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Recently my sony xa ultra running android 6.0.1's phone battery died and after charging it, my 4 digit pin number had changed. Checking the sony forum, I see this has happened to others. This phone has two lockscreens- one at start up which says "android pin" that I can enter the pin in and it accepts, and the second, which had the same 4 digit pin, that no longer accepts it. 

Unfortunately, my contacts and text messages never backed up to my external SD card (but thank god my photos and videos did) and Im in the middle of what could be a difficult family legal situation where I desperately need those texts. 

After searching around the web I came across a few ways I could gain access to the phone without risking losing that data. I saw there is a bluetooth exploit, a possible wifi exploit, a way to deliver malware to my own phone via sms and finally rubber ducky. 

Never thought I would have to hack into my own phone, but here we are LOL. My skills are limited by way of the first couple of options so the rubber ducky seems like the best bet. However, I am not seeing too much info about the rubber ducky's ability to crack an android 6's pin lock, and judging from a link I posted below that was on this forum, it seems like it could work. That said, I have found a few tutorials on how to use the rubber ducky and code any changes I need, so I just have a few questions and would really appreciate your expertise here, everyone. 

1) does the rubber ducky definitely work on android 6? or am I misreading what I find on the forums?

2) is there another way I am not aware of? I dont want to manually enter 10,000 pin combinations, but I am desperate enough that I actually have an excel file with all the possible combinations and have started entering them from 0000....LOL

3) and if the rubber ducky does work on android 6, does anyone know if any of the code can work straight out of the box with the sony xa ultra? I found the github links and tutorial, but I dont want to make any missteps.


Thank you for your time. This has been driving my nuts. If anything, ive gotten a crash course over the last 15 hours of googling on how my phone can be protected from hackers LOL LOL


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