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I made a big boohoo on my Linux box.....

My machine runs kali Linux and dual booted to Windows. 

When I erased the windows the grub got erased as well.

I loaded a new kali os and my old stuff is still on my box in memory.

Is there a way to reinstall my old folders so that it would seem that nothing had happened?

I tried reinstallingredients grub but it didn't help

Can anyone help?

Thank u

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  • 4 weeks later...

It's OK thank God all worked out well im gonna close this topic.

The problem was that the grubs was not able to boot because the files where sitting on a different partition.

I'm not sure how the tench Ian figured out what to do.....

I'll ask him and I'll try to upload his solution then I'll close this post.

Thanks anyway ?

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