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Execution permissions with Bash Bunny


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I'm trying to run LaZagne (Linux) on the bash bunny for a Linux payload. LaZagne works by itself when I run it on my Linux system, but once I copy it into the bunny under payloads, it says permission denied. I went to properties and tried to tick the "allow the execution of this file" tick box, but it just unticks itself right away. I tried "chmod +x" it changed it for a brief second then reverts back to un-executable. Anyone else run into similar issues?


EDIT: I'm not having issues running windows .exe, just Linux binary files it seems

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follow up question, is there anyway to SSH into the bunny to where the payloads are located? I can SSH, but i'm having a hard time finding where the payloads are stored. I was thinking of just chmod +x the LaZagne file while SSH in to see if that would fix it.


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Hi @Am3ience,

according your first question: Could you give us more information. Which distro are you using and can you give us the output of "ls -l" of the bunny folder after you copied it there. 

According the second question: You should find the payloads (when sshed in)  under /root/udisk/payloads


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