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Project KRACK


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Hi guys and gals, 

Would you please kindly help a scriptbaby (not even grown up enough to be a script kiddie)?

I have been trying to pen test my router with a variety of ways, long story short, it locks out indefinitely with pixie wps until I go to the router admin page and click unlock. I tried DDOS with MDK, but I think it is ignoring me.

I had the idea to MITM and use Amazon Cloud, but my calculation is that my password would take years because of it's relative complexity.

Finally I read about KRACK and watched the proof of concept video while reading the paper and got stuck in what I think is a syntax newbieness, i.e I understand how it works but I don't know how to properly code it. Would you all please be so kind to point me in some reference material, other than the official krack website and the links in it?

To be specific, I am working on the Andoird implementation. I know that I have to block the EAPOL msg 3 twice, send the two of them together to the client to reuse nonce 1. The problem is, how do I translate it into a bash script? That is, once I have MITM position, what would be the best command/algorithm to filter and pass the messages?

If you are reading this far, thank you for your time. Even telling me what google terms should be used for my learning would beneficial as lately when I search for the Krack attack, all I got are sensationalist blog posts about how broken the WPA2 and they only explain it at a high level.

Thank you once again, have a nice day.


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