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Seeking Help with Qubes OS USB Wifi


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I've not had much luck finding forums for support in Qubes. I am having troubles with USB WIFI.

Even after going through the instructions (enable qvm-usb, create and start sys-usb VM, create sys-wifi VM, attach USB Wifi to sys-wifi VM).....something is not quite right.

My wireless shows in dom0. I can attach it to sys-wifi. When I do, it says it is attached, and another network icon pops up in the toolbar, but when I list the USB all I get is a second 'root hub'. It is attaching the USB, but sys-wifi is not recognizing that it is a wifi card. 

I also tried adding the 'settings' application to sys-wifi, sys-usb, etc, and then using the 'System Settings' to enter the network module, however it only shows my ethernet connections.

Is there a service that I need to attach to sys-wifi for it to recognize the attached USB? Any ideas? I am trying to use an Alpha USB Wifi card in an HP Proliant server with Qubes OS....

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Update: I cannot get any VM to recognize the USB device as a Ralink Wireless card outside of sys-usb. In dom0 I can view it using qvm-usb, and I can attach it, but once attached to any (sys-net, sys-firewall, sys-wifi) it only shows up as a root hub and not a Ralink card... I've also tried attaching the sys-usb VM straight to sys-firewall to replace the sys-net, as well as giving sys-usb to sys-net.... Neither sys-net or sys-firewall can recognize the USB..

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