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Keyboard es (Spain)

Isidro Franco

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First I apologize for my english ( i'm from spain).

 I have this device since one month and I tested the payloads  with  keyboard layout to US and worked fine. The issue is that i'm in spain......

I'm trying configure my keyboard layaout to me region (Spain).

I've read a lot of post about this issue but I can't find the solution to some keys "{" "}" "ñ"

First, I want to say that the chages over languakes layouts under "languages" on root usb storage, don't work for me. I have to do the configurations over this directory "/usr/local/bunny/lib/languages/"

I've read http://www.usb.org/developers/hidpage/ (from pag 53 of http://www.usb.org/developers/hidpage/Hut1_12v2.pdf ) and  I'm looking for my keyboard mapping and I've seen that this mapping are 47 to "{"  and 48 to "}".  On mapping table are 2F and 30 respectively but no works. Also, I've looking on google to other webs with mappings but i can't find the solution.

I think that i have a problem with mapping but at this point I don't know what i should be to fix

Can anyone help me?

This is my keyboard ( the issue "ñ"  "{"  " }")


Thanks for your help!

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