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iPod + RFID!


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Just so you guys know - there's a pretty cool hack that I read in the January '07 issue of Popular Science: Controlling an iPod wirelessly using a glove embedded with an RFID tag.

Here's the link: http://www.popsci.com/popsci/how20/9fc1ebc...ecbccdrcrd.html

It's a pretty cool hack and it's great for all the DIY'ers here, if you can afford it, that is. The individual parts are pretty cheap, but the total for the whole thing adds up pretty quickly, and iPod's aren't exactly throw-away items if you screw it up. I'd love to try it out for myself if I was willing to get the parts for my own iPod - finances are a bit tight for me. If only someone could figure out how to modify the design for the first-gen shuffle... *hint, hint*

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