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Quickcreds and some questions


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So I have a high-tier understanding of how the LAN turtle works.  I've installed and enabled the module.

I've plugged the turtle into a domain joined Windows 10 box (that I manage), and after about 5 minutes I got tired of waiting and unplugged it.  I plugged it back into my linux box to regain SSH access and it's not responding to SSH connection requests.

The amber light is blinking as if it's trying to get NTLM hashes (it probably is trying to).  Just wondering how to I regain administrative access to the turtle?

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I regained access.  I forgot the video I watched mentioned that it disabled the DHCP server.  After setting a static IP, I was able to regain SSH control.

However, after digging in, I don't see any payloads.  Trying again, this time waiting for about 10 minutes.

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