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PineAP stops logging


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I'm trying to capture SSID probes over a long period of time. I have enabled logging of probes in PineAP and the desired log is being created at /tmp/pineap.log. So far, so good.

After some time, no more entries are added to the log. The first time this happened after ~40h, now it happened again after ~20h. Right now the log is around 200K in size and I really can't see what the problem is.

The service seems to be running fine, from what I can tell:

root@Pineapple:/tmp# ps|grep pineap
 1525 root       788 S    log_daemon /tmp/pineap.log 30
 1884 root     12428 S N  /usr/sbin/pineap 11 00:13:37:A5:CB:0B

In both cases of this happening, I tried clearing the log through the GUI, but this did not cause new entries to be logged afterwards.

The first time this happened, I rebooted the device and that obviously fixed the issue.

Now, I tried killing and restarting pineap, but that did not resolve the issue.

What else can I do to troubleshoot this?

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