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Need Help with PineAP


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Hello people! I am very happy the Wifi Pineapple NANO! But there's a issue that I could not figure out how to solve it.

I want to do the karma attack. (Today it's called Allow Associations). So from the start;

I connected to my Network at home. And I enable my Access Point (I named it: AndroidAP) and let this on channel 11 by default. And updated them.

I enabled everything in PineAP and save it. Now I see my Open AP.

I disconnected my own phone to test the karma attack. But the only thing that happend was that he connected to a point with the name of the ssid of my phone.

It did not connect to my AndroidAP, only to the network with his own SSID Name. And it had no Internet connection. But my phone was a client. Not for long because he disconnected cause he had no internet connection. Please help me out.


I know that phones save networks where the have been connected to. And the Wifi Pineapple can enable that true Karma to say: Hey I'm Starbucks Free WiFi! Connect to me!. I do not have that now, or I did something wrong.

Please help me out! I appreciate your help!

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