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PineAP setup questions


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Hi all,

I have a question regarding the basic use of PineAP. I have recently started to play with the Pineapple Nano and I am not sure if I am setting it up properly. I am of course following the instructions from WiFi Pineapple Primer - From Recon to PineAP video. I have my NANO connected via USB to Windows, I am setting up the shared connection on the network cards as shown in the startup video. Next, I use Recon and PineAP. My question is - do I have to enable the Access Point in the network settings? Does the principle of work of this device is gather the devices that lost the connection (thru deauth) automaticly just by use of the PineAP(and I am unable to set it up), or we are waiting for the users to personally make error and start to use FreeWifi spoofed Access Point? I just want to know am I missing a point. 

Best regards,



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