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Script not executing

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I am trying to run the "Hello World" script.  The original SD card I received with the Rubber Duck has broke in half before I ever attempted to use it.  I currently have a 512MB SD card.  I believe I flashed the Ducky correctly. Currently {c_duck_v2_S002.hex} it is flashing green and Device Manager is showing it as a keyboard. If I push the REPLAY button, the flashing green changes to toggling between green and red/yellow.  Some variants of the hex files do this as soon as I try to use the ducky   I tried c_duck_v2, c_duck_v2.1, c_duck_v2_S001, c_duck_us, c_duck_v2, and c_duck_v2.1, but nothing ever ran the scripts. 

I am running Win10, and I am using Notepad++ as my editor.  I compiled the text file through Ducky_Encoder_GUI and that did not work.  I have now been using duckencode, but the inject.bin file from that is not working either.  My duck has a green circuit board if that matters as far as the version.

The following is my text file

REM My First Payload
DELAY 5000
DELAY 2000
STRING notepad.exe
DELAY 2000
STRING Hello World!   GOTCHA!!!!!!

I have tried the first DELAY being anywhere from 2000 to 8000  Never anything.

I have tried GUI r : then CTRL ESC : then WINDOWS r.   Again, nothing ever happens

I looked for something that might describe what each color means, whether it is solid red or green, or flashing red or green or red/yellow.  some people mention a blue light, but I haven't seen that.

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