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Got a few questions


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Hey all, I'm looking to buy a LT, but I had a few questions, and wanted your guys' thoughts on the ups/downs of the LT.


My first question is heat management. Does this heat up? If so, has it ever become a problem for anybody? I'm somewhat concerned because my Bash Bunny get pretty hot if you leave it running for too long.


Second, for those who have been apart of the community since the beginning of the LT, what's module development looked like? Is the community active? or have things stalled? I ask this because I'm wondering if there are projects that I can contribute too, when I get a LT.


Thirdly, what has your guys' experience with the LT been? Good/Bad? Inbetween? How often do you guys use it?



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The LT doesn't run hot.

I haven't done any module development but I have looked at the stuff and it seem like it would be straight forward if you have done any scripting before.

I like the LT very much.  I wish that the LT could be powered by POE.

My use is "stealth" remote access using a reverse openvpn client.

I find dropping it in a remote location and then mucking around with the configuration is fraught with peril of having to get the thing rebooted.  I have created a cron job to reboot the thing and copy a "failsafe" openvpn config on a regular basis.  Other wise openvpn will not run or get a licensing error and not boot up.


I also want to SSH into it from the LAN at times and I use this in the /etc/firewall.user to remove the iptables rules blocking SSH from the LAN (during my initial configuration work).

iptables -D zone_wan_src_REJECT 1
iptables -D zone_wan_input 5

iptables -D zone_wan_src_REJECT 1
iptables -D zone_wan_input 5

I am using openvpn access server but I am thinking that I want to convert to the regular openvpn. I find that the 2 client configuration is just too limiting.  I would pay for it but $150 per year for 10 client license is too much for what I am using it for.  I don't know how hard it is going to be to convert my usage but it shouldn't be too tough.

I have started to mess around with creating a Hyper-V VM with which to do lanturtle development on.

This is just my opinion...



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I have the LT, and I really like it...
It does have a lot of useful modules, and it is basically a Linux system at its core, so its not too difficult to work with if you are comfortable with Linux.

I have not seen a single firmware update in the few years I've had it.

Then again, I'm not sure what a firmware update would do... since the device seems to work pretty well...

I feel like they honestly don't do much with this device because it has reached it's limit already
(besides module development, which isn't progressing much that I've seen)


I would like a PoE type of LT... but looking at the other forums, all of their products seem to be updated/developed by a single person... so its pretty slow... and they seem to focus more on new products than supporting old ones... and now it seems once the product gets old, they release a new product, instead of enhancing the old one.
(Rubber Ducky vs BashBunny?)

I'm considering just sticking with my Raspberry Pi3 until they make a better LT type product...
PoE WiFi LanTurtle would be the next product I would buy...

That and possibly the BashBunny since my RubberDucky feels useless and old in comparison....

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