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Accidentally deleted /tools/


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Hi Guys, 

I´ve made a little mistake, i removed my folder /root/tools/ with Putty.

ive tried to run tools_installer, but it didnt worked.

any tipps?

my LED doesnt work now because its missing the blink_led.sh so i cant say if anything fails or works.

as soon as the bunny startet the green Bootup Led goes out and thats it.


Thank you for every tip.

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You can force recovery by pulling the bunny out of the USB port as soon as the LED goes green, three times in a row. On the fourth time, it should turn green, then turn off, then flash red for three minutes or so while recovering.


EDIT: This is what I get for answering questions instead of sleeping. Don't pull it when it turns green, it should turn green when plugged in, then turn off briefly. Pulling it while turned off had the greatest success for me.

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