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3D printing a case for PineApple Nano

Cody Oebel

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I am new here so this post is also sort of a self introduction.


I just got my Wifi Pineaple Nano, I didn't have enough budget for the tactical case, but I do own a Prusa I3 MK2  3D printer.

I figured I'd likely 3D print a tactical belt holder anyways. So what I have budget for is a cheap USB battery pack online via amazon 

thats around 15$ or so. I happen to already own a six inch long USB  Male to Female cable. So the idea is 3D draft and model

a case to fit around the Wifi Pineapple Nano making my own tactical case. I'm going to model around the chosen battery pack, but 

before I get started my question was how much ampere draw from the battery pack will the PA need? As some USB power packs

output upwards to 3amps but I'm unsure if this is necessary for the pineapple. I'd imagine since it needs two USB cables plugged in via the Y cable.. 

is that because it needs to draw twice the current since a single USB port doesn't supply enough ? IF so does this mean 2.0amps would be enough ?

Once I got this information from any of you .. and I order the parts. I will post this project in full video .. from me 3D modeling the design to 3D printing it. 


I'm new to this forum, and I just want to say Much Love to all of you out there and thanks for the life you spend teaching others (Like Me) technical subjects .. this is life spent you will never get 

back and there can be no price on this time you spent. So with that said .. thank you very much ahead of time to anyone who helps me when I post questions here, and thank you for your loving spirit and kindness.

I am Cody Oebel of www.OebelSoft.com  I am an inspired pentest novice, C / C++ and Linux enthusiest .   I like making things :)  and I just love this PineApple... so if the moderators don't mind.. I build lots of things I will share them here ;). From knife forging, gun powder made at home, shooting AK47's and shooting body armor to barefoot running in mountains in extreme cold and heat (Tough Mudders too) .. I try to dig deep to see if I can be awesome!

I felt like introducing myself because I plan on becoming a regular visitor here. It's so nice to have an interface instead of pounding out commands in Kali setting up attacks. Love love this WifiPineApple .. now I just need to learn how to use it lol..  

My Hobbies:




Peeps said I was dumb, that I wouldn't ever be shit ( I had major drug problems for years controlling my greatness, cold turkey'd the shit, and got addicted to being awesome ! ). Now I'm clean, and tired of peoples nay-saying me when I just love everyone :) even if they don't like me ! So I've listened to the online community. I've learned .... and thanks to you all I've come a long ways I feel !  Below is my most recent accomplishment\project using a Raspberry Pi B+ (Aside from just entering college for software programming at the age of 34 .. . chasing my first degree, and am in my first semester).  I wrote the apache web server front end web UI (To be cross compatible to any browser sort of like the PineApples interface), I wrote the engine in c++ and some I compiled in C; these binaries run in init.d and read from text files that get's created in the /var/www/html directory for the web-server. I also pre-burn in securities marrying various securities to the mother board of the Pi (In case my idea made me allot of money I didn't want it easily copied) .. so copying the SD card(The custom OS I modified the original Raspbian Jesse into reflecting a product OS) results in some funny warnings and total product shut down when someone sticks the SD card into a different Pi.  (Yes it validates MAC's and other things it checks against) ;).  I have not had time due to college to advance the product and I also lack money; but mostly because I cannot seem to sell this computer it seems to be an impractical necessity e.g a cool idea, but not quite the most necessary thing for most grower's and is a luxury item for the most part ! For basic securities, I locked all user groups, and limited the user who logs into the OS so that the system stayed stable, and a user couldn't damage the OS never having root or sudo privaledges.  I made sure no post backs to the web-server would allow processing of malicious commands by my c++ engines; everything is enumerated for validity. I wanted to prevent commands that would allow back-end control, but I'm not an expert web-defense guy. So  If anyone wants to try and hack it PM me on facebook I'll get you the remote IP address and you can have at it ! I only ask you explain to me how you broke in, or at least point to me references to learn how you did it and I'll do the studying myself.   I don't believe in security hence I keep wifi-camera's on my network open as I have nothing to hide .. not even the weed plants I grow lolz.. 

A Grow Computer I made:   ** I live in Colorado so MMJ is legal here. 


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Edit 1: Minor corrections made. Edit 2: Added Hack challenge to the post for the Pi product I made.
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OK  I got the hardware in guys.  Here's a video update.  I'll make a youtube play list on this, but today , I'm going to smoke some fine Colorado legal MMJ, and play the newly purchase Tom Clancy's WildLands, but come monday I'll  take full video of me 3D modeling and drafting a holder, and belt loop to encase the charge battery pack I purchased. 

I highly suggest for those who can afford it to buy the Hak5 tactical gear. I tend to ramble on camera, so please forgive me  I have severe ADHD \ OCD unless, I get stoned af. 


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OK  AS I PROMISED :)  I made time through all my college math work for all of you to enjoy this here at Hak5. 

The model is printing on my 3D printer right now when it's finished I'll take photos if everything came out right.

Stay tuned :) .. check back tomorrow for photo's of how this turned out as the print is at 6% right now and has hours to go. 

IGNORE MY  "Irongeek.com Linux Tattoo"    I lift weights, code C/C++ in Linux, and love linux, and I know so so much to realize

how very very little I know about Linux. So that said NO I'm not a highly experience pen-tester lol.. in fact.. this Tattoo is dedicated to you all..

specifically a computer programmer on the Dani-Web forums who taught my stupid ass C/C++ programming for several years, and I never got to meet him  "Ancient Dragon" .. he was a moderator on Dani-Web's .. he passed away .. I found out when asking for more C++ help on TCP/IP socket programming help on the forum and someone posted his obituary (goose bumps\ I still get sad over this despite never having met him .. it's because I'm a pure introvert I supppose I tend to love everyone who is SMART and LOVING  lol ).. ... so yeah :)  To  EVERYONE  who teaches someone something .... that tattoo is dedicated to all of you :).  As I stated, when you teach me something I realize your spending time you will NEVER get back in life to help me... there can be no price for this.. so my payment in appreciation is this tattoo to everyone !  Much Love, much hacking ...  enjoy the video my fellow friends ! 


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Yay ... it's done :) 

Here is some photos ! 













I added the content to my website .... ANNNNNNNNNNND    I forgot to mention :)  I ported the CRUNCH code for brute forcing WPA's to windows. It's clean code clean binary and I might have the source .. but the crunch code is readily available. It's primarily STL .. so I was able to port most of the code to windows from Linux. Makes for ultra easy WPA cracking when you have a high end graphics card.. I zip through billions of passwords litterally in minutes.. I get suprised if I don't crack something under a few hours no matter the PW length...  Visit the hacking section on my web page:  http://oebelsoft.com/cad-3d-modeling/     

Thanks to the ultra intelligent folks helping me to learn I learned enough C/C++ to be capable of porting that. Much thanks to everyone who shares knowledge ! 



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Printed the second version and the changes came out PERFECT !! The nano slides right in. I also made the face logo fill the rectangular area. I also printed it in .20mm layers so the resolution is much finer. Enjoy the video !  If anyone wants the tight fitting V1 version just hit me up on facebook. Anyone for that matter if your like sharing knowledge, technology, computer programming etc... I'm into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING ..  one persons ultra weird ultra private to them-selves hobby...  I likely would like it too .. I'm weird like that I feed off peoples awesome energies, and my mind is so open I put it in other peoples shoes so I can see the jovial experiences they wish to share with others . I avoid bad energy like the plague .. even when I'm the one giving it off lolz... (To avoid ones self is true self awareness).. full execution of modulated persona's with dynamic cognitive dissonance despite this I still know who I am at core, but like the 48 laws of power by Robert Greene states, you must act like the normal people to appear normal .. always show weakness and discipline yourself to be humble, hiding your greatness unto those who are weary to awesomeness; exposing the light only to those who appreciate it  !   Enjoy the video and if you want that first printed V1 model...  first person to message me on facebook for it gets it free. I'll even mail it to yah for free so someone can use it, but don't expect getting your nano out of it to be easy without some modifications or some filing the inside down a little which would fix the issue but I'm lazy. (Hence I'm giving it away free) ! 



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*FYI  Above this post, is the V2 Nano Tactical case I printed up and took video of this morning I'm giving away the V1 which works, but fits pretty tight !*




**Cody Oebel's  Nano Free Starbucks Coffee Hack** 


 Just now sipping coffee I came up with a coffee hack idea ;). NO one better video this before I do lol.. it's my idea.  "How to get a free Starbucks Coffee"  

Take the nano into a Starbucks .. wear a T-Shirt with an Anonymous mask logo lolz...  take a photo of the shirt, use that image on the nano's front portal page to be displayed to whoever connects to the rogue access point.  Under the photo of you in your T-shirt  put text that says  " You know, I could have likely got allot of your personal information today, but I'm a good guy sitting a few feet away from you in the shirt you see in this image. You should buy me a free coffee for me teaching you a valuable lesson today".   This passive no creds gathering social engineering hack .. I think it would work so good I'm going to do it, but first  ANY OBJECTIONS TO THIS ETHICAL PASSIVE NONE-INTRUSIVE Hack.  After all after the person likely laughs and approaches you laughing you still gotta social engineer them into buying you that free coffee, which is likely as easy as "This is how I Hack free Coffee, so how about that Coffee, and give your name and hand shake in a friendly manner with a smile" .  I bet it will work great !  First though, again.. any Objections to this legally and morally ???

As with everything I do I'll gladly video the process then I'll blur folks out etc.. for privacy etc..  I'll do my best to video the Free Coffee Hack .. any ideas on videoing it and setup are very welcome !   Just let me know what you guys think about legalities etc..  I mean .. it sounds perfectly legal right .. it's more of a Technical peddler\bums way of snatching a free Coffee right lolz lolz Harmless .. but first.. yes.. any obections or statements are very welcome here before I go do this. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado btw ...     :)  

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