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Bash Bunny desktop Icon


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Hello all, while I am no Photoshop expert I wanted an Icon for my MAC when the Bash Bunny is plugged in as storage so that I can quickly find it so I made the below and wanted to attach here for anyone who would like to use it. This is an original image of mine not one I downloaded. I may clean it up later if needed and will update if I do. It is saved as a .PNG and the first image is how it looks on my MAC desktop. To save just right click the bare drive image and save to your desktop and follow your OS requirements to assign to the Bunny.

58bd84996f0e3_ScreenShot2017-03-06at9_45_12AM.png.789157d088a06fa7dfff8715b57dce13.png     bb.png.58acb72ffdc5ced6576483f6135c62bd.png


Cheers, NightStalker

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