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UAC RUBBER-GENERATOR automation script now in python3

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I  would like to begin by giving a shout out to Skiddie the original creator of UAC-ducky generator implemented in python 2.  I used his work in order to re-write the script so it now works for python 3. I have tested the script and it works for the option 1 and 2 perfectly. Option 3 and 4 works but I have no way of not testing whether it works on a rubber ducky because I no longer have access to a rubber ducky. For those who have the rubber ducky feel free to test option 3 and 4.

You can find a video on how the offline mode works at Skiddie's youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1uS0ELBJvI

For the original UAC-Ducky generator produced by Skiddie checkout https://github.com/SkiddieTech/UAC-D-E-Rubber-Ducky/blob/master/uac-duck.py

You can also find a write up on how it works as well as Demo videos.

For the one written in python 3 you can find it here.



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This is great, when i made the original payload generator it was the first time ever i coded anything in python. I had no idea that the 2.0 platform i based it on was so old and that 3.0 ( released in 2008 ) is the "new" future standard. Thanks for giving proper credits and thanks for porting this into python 3.0! 

Good solid work here! At this point i'm happy that i keep with the choose of holding the payload sources in an update-able raw pastebin online, so your generator (as well as mine) always stay up to date!:) 


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