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hallo everyone ,

this my first login and my first question in this website ,

I am a beginner pentester, I do courses and I do the local practice of pentesting, then:
I am on kali linux rolling and I do the test on Metasploitable OS, after doing Exploitation, the meterpreter session opens as you know, but by following the course, meterpreter does not execute the command, it print a message : This version of Meterpreter is not supported with this Script!
Meterpreter execute just: sysinfo, ps, getpid, but not: run checkvm, screenshot, webcams, idletime, get env, get countermeasure ... and all other commands,
I search on the net and I could not understand why it shows me this message, yet at studing, we did not see this kind of message
Could someone explain?
Thanks in advance

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I found the explanation of this problem, most of the Meterpreter functions do not work because of the recent updates of the systems and the applications, and Metasploit has not yet updated these scripts, then , You can do better with the Shell direct commands or use the possible post-exploitation scripts
Thank you for those who saw my publication and did not reply


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