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Question regarding connecting TETRA to open SSID


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Hello, I have been playing around with my Pineapple Tetra for the last few days and have a question. I've combed the forums but cannot seem to find a post that really answers my question fully. I'm hoping someone may be able to help. I'm a bit new to the platform so bare with me! 


So under the client mode I have connected the TETRA to an open SSID I created on my router for testing purposes. 

I have also generated the custom AP SSID on the Pineapple which then connects via client mode through the open SSID I created so when I jump on the Pineapple's generated SSID I can browse the web but when I try to visit sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. (anything that switches itself to HTTPS) it displays a page that says "page cannot be displayed because of an unestablished secure connection." Now if this is suppose to work right, then HTTPS pages need to be displayed so visitors don't think something fishy is going on. I can browse to HTTP pages just fine, but everything juicy resides on the HTTPS websites. How can I get the TETRA to pass all traffic along so I can access HTTPS pages too? 





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