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Nano Death all


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Hello everyone,

I am working on a project that requires the deauthentication of all the clients from all the nearby APs. I tried to find linux scripts that do the job but non worked neither Ubuntu (for technical reasons I can't use other distro's nowadays). I also tried the module Death in the nano but it did not work in three ways:

1 - Sometimes I press the start button but nothing happens at all

2 - Sometimes I press the start button, the log changes from "not running" to show my sittings but no deauths occur

3 - Most important issue, when I have several APs with the same name (basically most of them are amplifiers) I can only see one and thus only add one MAC address to the black list. 

Is there anyway to make it work? I really need it!


Note: I tried to make my own script that launch airodump for 30 seconds, filter the output and only keep MAC addresses, then deauth everymac address using aireplay. However, it didn't work due to channel hopping. I tried using different solutions on the Internet to solve this channel hopping problem but non of them worked.

Thanks in advance!

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