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Data transfer in 802.11 frames?


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I'm building a robot as a school project, the brain is a RPI with a wifi dongle, and I need a compass reading from an android phone at all times. I'm sure sooner or later someone will screw me with a deauth attacker, so I figured, as a backup system I would try sending the data inside a 802.11 frame and listening for it in monitor mode on the client end with a script using scapy. My question is:

1-  In which type of frame is the best to embed the data (at least a byte)?

2- How fast and reliable would it be?

alternatively: How to protect myself against deauth attack (Not plausible as far as I know).

I know that I'm not meant to use 802.11 frames like this but it seems like an interesting idea ...

Thanks for the help in advance!


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