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Mr Robot logonpasswordsERROR


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I have the Ducky loaded with the invoke-mimikatz script.  Inject.Bin runs and saves an output file.  

Instead of passwords, the file contains the error message listed below:

.....  mimikatz(powershell) # sekurlsa::logonpasswords
ERROR kuhl_m_sekurlsa_acquireLSA ; Logon list

mimikatz(powershell) # exit

I am running the Ducky against an Acer, Win10 laptop.  

I have Apache and PHP installed locally and I'm using http://localhost for the im.ps1 and rx.php files.  

I downloaded the IM.ps1 file from GitHub using the link in Darren's Mr. Robot blog.

Has anyone encountered this error before ?

Any suggestions ?







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