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A quick couple of start up questions


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Hi Guys,

I have used some previous generation WIFI Pineapples but I have just started playing with the new (at least to me) Tetra and have a couple of questions. To give this some context, I (with the previous pineapple) used to setup my pineapple to run in pineap mode. In this mode I would connect one of my devices for example a laptop and would make a note of the data that was being sent across the internet. It gave me a good indication of noisy apps etc.

I am connecting via USB for all of below using the supplied  USB cable.:

Anyway so I have just got the new version and am having difficulty getting pineap up and running again. PineAP starts up ok but it can not connect to the internet.

In the older versions you would have wlan 0 and wlan 1 available and you would connect via ethernet and it would (from what I can remember) use one of the interfaces to host / advertise the AP and I would configure the other interface to connect to the internet.

In the new version it looks like things are now very different, as when I go to networking it looks like wlan 0 is on all the time being used by the AP in the AP section with no visible way of turning it off. If I go to try and connect the pineapple to the internet in the same network screen  I only have wlan 1 available and that is being used by pineap to host the local side AP. 

So I am confused, how do I turn off all the default open APs so I have wlan 0 and 1 available to use for pineap ?

I feel like I am  missing a section of the GUI which gives me this control.

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Just a quick update, I have managed to get it working using another usb wifi dongle. I don't know if this is the correct way of doing it as I was under the impression that the pineapple has 2 interfaces that you could use for the above scenario but apparently not. Oh well :)

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