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Noob needs help with wifi password grabber payload


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I am a noob to hacking in general (everyone has to start somewhere). I had bought a Rubber Ducky, flashed TwinDuck firmware on it, and attempted to launch a payload called "Payload WiFi password grabber" by Siem (https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload---WiFi-password-grabber). When placing it in my Duck (nothing else inside the duck besides the payload) and clicking the replay button I am prompted with these lists of errors on the Command Prompt: goo.gl/R2xqx9 

What am I doing Incorrectly? Please help.

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I am using a English Keyboard I am going to try what you said in your comment, but one thing that bothers me the most is in the photo it says stuff like:

   INPUT: for /f @tokens=3 ...blah blah
RESPONSE: 3 was unexpected at this time

Is there something wrong about that?



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I just looked at the file that you linked to, and compared to what you wrote, you're @ and " are still backwards.  The file has: for /f "tokens=3" ... blah blah where you're quote has: for /f @tokens=3 ... blah blah which is wrong.  Your initial share showed " where @ should be, and now you're displaying @ where " should be.

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